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Many young artists spend years creating hip hop songs and just hoping that they will make their way into the hands of the right people. Game mixtapes did exactly that and helped to jumpstart the career of one of rap’s biggest names. If it was not for his rap mixtapes, Game may never have gotten the opportunity he needed to start off his career.

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Yes, here we are once again. We are watching the federal government stick its weenie in the punch bowl again, stir it around and tell us to drink up afterwards. As disgusting as that visual is, it happens every day. The AT&T/T-Mobile merger is just the latest example.

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While it’s not the biggest gesture in the world it is a very applicable and useful one. It not only helps people in Haiti, in the wake of the Earthquake, but also those living outside the country help reconnect with family and friends who still live there. It’s nice to see a big company like T-mobile cell phones have a heart in such a time of desperation for so many people. Certainly this gesture will not go unnoticed and one must wonder if other cell phone companies will catch. Even if they are reluctant, will they really risk not making the PR move to save a few bucks and further punish those affected by this earthquake?

The Motorola i776w is currently sold for 0, which in my opinion is really a bit high considering the features that were left off. I am sure that some others will probably disagree on the value of the phone, but I have seen phones for a lower price that has the same features and some extras. In my opinion nothing about this phone makes it worth another .

So will Samsung Cell Phones be that first push for the Happy Hollows? There are going to be the local Los Angeles, California fans, where the band is based, that are furious about this and will call them sell outs. There will also be the fans that whole-heartedly support them for the breakthrough. However, only time will tell us what is in store for them. But the song is catchy, the Negahdari is unconventionally cute (always cuter when the talent comes out) and it doesn’t appear as though they compromised anything to be a part of the commercial, so hey, more power to them. And after all, they do have to pay the bills, so if Negahdari has to play with a cell phone on camera as well as her guitar, what’s the harm in that?